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WILD-LITE Field Game Processing Set

Wild Lite, is a set of knives of the prestigious brand Outdoor Edge, which includes a set of knives needed to treat the meat and trophy of your hunted animals is our lightest pack to carry everything you need to not take up much space in your backpack and do not weigh much after long hours. Includes everything you need to not have any problems and enjoy your passion to the fullest.


Slidewinder Box Cutter Utility Razor Blade Knife

This nimble little multitool accepts standard utility razor blades and sports handy flat head and Phillips screwdrivers, pocket clip and an always welcome bottle opener. The slide opening blade locks securely and springs back into the handle automatically with the push of a button. Constructed from study glass/nylon and stainless steel, the SlideWinder makes a great addition to any toolbox, keychain, glove box, pants pocket, kitchen drawer and more.