In Iberzone we have the best equipment for the realization of your activities and outdoor sports. Here you will find all kinds of accessories for hiking, mountaineering, camping, hunting, fishing, and much more. flashlights, accessories, of the type covers or briefcases, cleaning accessories, armourers for vehicles. Here you will find the main brands of the sector at the best prices. And as always, Iberzone offers exclusive brands and innovative products with the best value for money.

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WILD-LITE Field Game Processing Set

Wild Lite, is a set of knives of the prestigious brand Outdoor Edge, which includes a set of knives needed to treat the meat and trophy of your hunted animals is our lightest pack to carry everything you need to not take up much space in your backpack and do not weigh much after long hours. Includes everything you need to not have any problems and enjoy your passion to the fullest.