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Viper-Flex Elite

Viper-Flex Elite is a set of shooting sticks to be able to aim accurately standing. It offers a very strong stability for the hunting rifle.


Viper-Flex Single Leg Journey

Extra support leg for the Viper-Flex Journey draw stick set. It is the complement that will add additional stability to this shooting support and allow you to shoot accurately while standing. Equally it will give independence to his weapon getting the complete support of the same without necessity of subjection on the part of its owner.

The product is a single leg. The photo shows the Viper-Flex Single Leg Journey mounted next to the Viper-Flex Journey model.



Accessory for all Viper-Flex® sticks. When the Go-Lo is mounted, your Viper-Flex® poles can be used in the same way as usual, but with the additional ability to be lowered and allow opening the stand to shoot on your knees, sitting or lying down.