Productos de Gunbox


The Gunbox brand offers a new line of products for the storage of all types of weapons and with a wide variety of prices. Among all, the gunsmith especially stands out, approved by the European Union, which allows to transport up to two weapons safely, and thus guarantee peace of mind in all your journeys. The gunsmith has an anchoring system included that allows it to be fixed easily and safely to the floor of the trunk of the vehicle with the necessary conditions of protection, safety and responsibility. Now thanks to Gunbox, you can keep your weapon in sight in a safe way with an innovative design using the highest technology so that only the people you choose have access.

Gun Rack For The Car

Armorer for vehicles approved by the European Union. It is an armourer to anchor the vehicle for the transport of one or more firearms that can also be used to keep computers, iPads, jewelery and watches, or any valuable object that we transport in one of our trips with absolute tranquility.