Productos de Zeiss

Carl Zeiss es uno de los fabricantes de sistemas ópticos más antiguos del mundo, entre los que destacan los visores de caza y prismáticos de más alta calidad y prestaciones. 

Rangefinder Zeiss 8X26 PRF T*

Rangefinder Zeiss 8x26 PRF T * Victory, for hunting, knowing your environment, for the golf course and infinity of situations, the compact laser rangefinder with its 8x magnification and its 26mm lens also provides long distances for a bright image. A solid companion that hardly matters for its lightness. Its laser detection technology and its integrated ballistic information system BIS® make it a valuable aid in unknown terrains and in large planes.


Visor Zeiss V8 4,8-35X60

Viewfinder ZEISS Victory V8 4.8-35x60 with ASV in height possibility of lateral ASV ask for it!

The long-range revolution

The 35x magnification, combined with the rapid adjustment (ASV Competition) represents the...

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